Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Turning AJ Plushies Into Cartoon Characters

I looked at AJ plushies and thought: hey. This one looks like Spirit! And this looks Stitch!

So I decided to fix them up and make them look like cartoon characters!

1) Spirit the horse 🐴

2) Stitch

3) Po from Kung Fu Panda 🐼

So what do you think? :D I think my favorite is Stitch because I aboslutely looove Stitch! He's so adorable! Now as a plushie?! I think I want one for my plushie collection. Which one is YOUR favorite?

P.S. any other characters in mind?


Monday, July 16, 2018

The Panda With a Pearl Earring


Hiya there Jammers, Arctic here!

If you've been keeping up with the last couple of posts I've done, you'll know that I'm planning a fun summer art project for myself! The plan is to make a parody masterpiece of a famous painting with an AJ twist and add a little bit each week (and post about it) and show you my process up to the end result!

Now, last week I said I was going to decide which famous painting I wanted to parody and start working on my masterpiece. And that's just what I did!

I spent the next day or so thinking about what painting I wanted to do, and I finally settled for this one:

You might recognize this painting - it's by a dutch painter named Vermeer and it's called "Girl With a Pearl Earring". It has often been called the Mona Lisa of the North because of the girl's mysterious and captivating gaze (much like the Mona Lisa!). I thought this painting would be a good place to start because it is pretty simple in that the main focus is on the figure (no significant background!) and that it would be easily recognizable, even if I parodied it!

For the AJ twist, I decided to paint the masterpiece with Liza as the girl - hence my title "The Panda with a Pearl Earring".

To begin, I started out with a rough sketch of what I generally wanted the drawing to look like.

Luckily, the painting I'm basing it off of isn't too difficult in terms of positioning (I don't have to draw the rest of the body, thank goodness!) This part was done in about half an hour-ish? Maybe less. I didn't keep such a close eye on the clock!

I was feeling quite good about this piece, so I decided to carry on and do a little bit more with it the next day. My next step was to determine the basic colours I needed to use. I wanted to keep it as close to the original as I could while also making it quite obviously Liza. To do this, I kept the original colours of the headpiece, but changed the colour of the dress to match Liza's.

At this point, the masterpiece doesn't have to be too detailed. I only need the very basic colours right now- I'll start doing some more detailed work next week!

That's all for the project so far, folks. Stay tuned for next week to see what I add!
See you around!

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Goodbye Nafaria9!

Hey Jammers! As some of you may know, today,  Nafaria9 of the Animal Jam Whip has decided to quit. 
I just want to make this post to say goodbye to her, to let everybody know what an amazing blogger she was. 

To most of us, Naffy was 'famous' in the blogger community, everybody looked, and still looks up to her today, her posts were always informative, her blog was the first blog I ever looked at when I was searching stuff about AJ toys before they came out,then I started reading her blog.    I'll really miss her, AJ posts.  You can view her new blog here.

I'll probably edit this post with fanart of her later that I'll draw.

We'll miss you Naffy! You have inspired so many bloggers!


Saturday, July 14, 2018

Dash Tag Challenge - Day 6!

Hello hello everyone! Very sorry for my absence last week - I was still on a trip in a completely different state, and I didn't bring my computer with me, nor my colored pencils, XD!
But today I'm back to pick up where we left off, meaning today is Day 6 of the challenge!!

Today, I decided (pretty quickly) on drawing Cupid the reindeer!

She's pretty common on Dash Tag for me - I've caught her like, 6 times, XD!
I'd never really drawn an AJ reindeer until today, but the way they're designed is adorable, and actually fit well with my style, in my opinion!!
Anywho, as you can see, her description mentions a marshmallow gun. Yup, I drew one of those. And, uh, had to Google "marshmallow gun" for a reference picture. XD

So here's beautiful #6 (hehe, because she's the sixth reindeer mentioned in Rudolph... I'll stop talking now.), CUPID!!!

Remember when I said Lizzy was my favorite that I had drawn? Very sorry, Lizzy, but I think Cupid has beat you out this time! XD
Seriously, I am so happy with how this drawing came out!! The body and head were very easy to draw, and the colors weren't too hard to make, either! Just had to do a bit of mixing on the antlers, nose, and collar-thing (yes, she does have that! I didn't notice until today, but it looks like the red heart on her chest IS attached to something! XD)!
However, this one DID take me forever to actually finish. That marshmallow gun took quite a while to make correctly.

And the hooves.
Until today, I'd also never drawn hooves holding something like this.
I can't tell you how many different things I had to try for that *studies it* left hoof. I finally just decided on making it the way it is, because, uh... all the other things I tried looked stupid. 
And yes, I'm aware that that hoof is defying logic. But I mean... a deer holding something with its hoof is defying logic anyway...
The right arm was a last minute add-on - I had the front handle drawn, and I figured it'd look kinda odd if something wasn't holding onto it! THAT hoof was MUCH easier to draw. XD
Now that I think about it, maybe I could've...
Ahem. Never mind. What's done is done! XD

Anywho, I hope you all enjoy Cupid's art as much as I do! Until next time, I hope you all have a great day/night, and remember to PARTY HARD, BE CREATIVE, and KEEP DRAWING! :P

Monday, July 9, 2018

Painting Parodies Project!

Hiya there Jammers, Arctic here!

Now, if you were around last week you would know that I was thinking about a cool summer art project for me to work on that I could post about each week (kind of like a series) that would show the progression of my project.

In terms of masterpieces so far I have attempted landscapes, still life, fan art, and some simple pixel works. One thing I haven't tried, though, is replicas of famous paintings!

But that got me thinking. There are many talented artists on AJ who make AMAZING replicas of famous paintings (I'm talking windycityblues ). One thing I haven't seen a lot of, however, is parody masterpieces. Parodies are a really fun way to incorporate your own interests into classical works!

Here are some cool examples of parodies of paintings you might recognize:

Wouldn't it be cool to do a parody masterpiece with an Animal Jam twist? I definitely don't know how this will work- and I'm positive it would take a LONG time, but that's what I'm going for. I'd like to have a challenge while keeping things fun and interesting!

Now, all I have to decide is what painting I want to try and parody! I guess my job this week is to figure out what painting to parody and then report back to all of you.

Here's to an exciting summer project!

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Newest Art!

                                     [this is a day late but oh well]

Hi Jammers! :D

I finally finished it! (Aren't ya proud) I'm honestly very happy with how it turned out! My least favorite part would be the little pond, I must say, that cloud on the bottom left of the sky is like the perfect cloud shape XDDD
 Sorry for this short and late post! I plan on drawing a lot more this weekend!

Friday, July 6, 2018

Some Random Art

Hi, guys! So today I'll just be showing you some random art I've been working on.
A random baby turtle. I tried to get it to fade into the background but I'm not sure if it worked out.
People are really hard to draw.

And here are a few progress shots of this masterpiece for Housemom418! I'll hopefully have it done by next week! I also have a special piece of art I'm working on for the future!

Well, I hope you liked this art! Have a great day and stay awesome!