Monday, September 17, 2018

Cozy Autumn Morn (a den map!)

Hey Jammers, Arctic here!

With the new Autumn season upon us, AJHQ has been releasing a multitude of wonderful seasonal items. Greatest of them all, however, is the addition of the new Autumn Small house!

And lemme tell you.





I love the leaves, the colours, the roof! It's wonderful and a pleasant surprise! Naturally, I bought one immediately and began decorating it in a lovely fall theme. And then I made a den map, which I thought would be cool to post here!

The inspiration for this den is the feeling of the quintessential "Grandparents Cottage". Full of wood and earthy colours, I really wanted to make the den feel like "home". I know for me, houses like these remind me of good food, laughter, crackling log fires, and mysterious attics filled with relics from the ages!

Speaking of attic, that's exactly what I did! It was difficult for me to build an attic over the kitchen (which I had already made). I settled upon using Ship Benches to make a partial loft style attic over the main section of the house! I also used stone carved chairs to make steps leading up to it (I didn't have nearly enough stepladders!)

Overall, I'm very happy with how this turned out!

Well! That's all for now folks, see you soon!

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Dash Tag Challenge - Day 9 (plus a colored Oscar, XD)!

*Facepalms and laughs*
Guess what happened?


Oh man, that's my bad you guys - yeesh, just when I thought I had it all done today! DON'T KILL ME! XD
But hey, I doubt anyone really cares when this is posted, so let's just go ahead and do this, XD!

Alright, so today, I went with a pretty simple pet, which would be Buster the bunny!

He's absolutely ADORABLE, but WOAH, looks like that's just a cover, huh? Because apparently he's a pretty shady guy. XDD
Actually, I like that idea - a cute, innocent-looking bunny actually being deceitful and sneaky. XDD

Since he seems to love gossip and rumors, I drew the sneaky guy with a very evil grin, XD!

Eek, better keep your mouth shut around him! Don't mess with Buster, guys. EVER. XDD
Anywho, this guy was pretty easy to draw, and I like how he turned out! I'm glad his smirk worked out as well, XD.
And his eyes - now those are something I'm QUITE proud of, XD. I was worried the color wouldn't work out at all, but it seems a bit of purple mixed with pink did nicely, hehe!
I added the speech bubble because, well, all the other pets have some kind of prop or addition to them, and I couldn't really come up with anything for this guy! So instead, he's being threatening. XDD

Alsooooo! Since I was able to complete Buster rather quickly, I ended up going ahead and coloring Oscar, the pet I showed the uncolored drawing of last week! And let me tell you, the only colors on him (not including the gem bag) that didn't have to be blended was his yellow eyes. XD
Anywho, here he his, in all his colored glory! XD

Huh... I just realized my last 3 pets I've drawn seem to have a more... negative theme, huh? Beo the goth, Oscar the thief, and now Buster the sneak! Huh. XDD

But that aside, OH MAN. I'M SO PROUD OF THIS GUY'S COLORS. I was worried they wouldn't look right at ALL, but I think it all worked out pretty well! Eeee, I love this guy a lot more now that he's colored! XD

Alright, well, let's see... I think that's it! I hope, anyway. XD
I better be off! I'll see you all next week, and hopefully I'll remember, XD! But, for the rest of this week, remember to stay happy, be creative, and keep drawiiiing! BYEEEEEEEEEEE!!

Sunday, September 9, 2018

A Bit of Rambling + Small Animation!

Hi Jammers!

I'm currently wondering if I should take a hiatus so I have more time to work on an AMV that I want to do,  but idk. Maybe when I start to work on the actual thing, right now I'm working on poses for certain animals, time will tell I guess.
It's almost Autumn/fall! Already o.o This year has been going by fast-
I have said that alot..
I've actually had a pretty cool summer this year, there have only been a handful of super hot days (like yesterday) but we were able to go swimming (for most) of those days, so its all good!

 I'm kind of excited for Winter, as I'm excited to see how Trump will react to the snow (he won't be able to pull a sled for another year tho, *sniff sniff*)
Last winter wasn't very good, weren't very many days for sledding, the river was of course frozen but there was snow on top of it so we couldn't slide nearly as well,
so that was fun... I like at the end of winter/early early spring, when there isn't much snow left, I go out without a coat/sweatshirt and my mom tells me to get a coat on because 'its so cold' and I'm like nooooo it isn'ttttt..
that was alot of rambling. *adds it to title*  But guess who actually has some art to show?
I've been lazy,
but now I've been back into the 'artist spirit' which has included dozens of terrible sketches of cats until I can get the pose somewhat right.
I'm trying to draw wolves/dogs.
Its uh
not turning out pretty I can tell you that.
ANYWAYS! I worked on a small animation as I want to get into animating a little bit, and here it is of a cat curling its tail.

Yes, its simple, but this actually took like.. 2 hours? (possibly more, possibly less?)
Animating ish hard. (also I used Firealpaca)
I really really really REALLY want to get the Animator's Survival Kit as I've heard many many many good things about it!

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Dash Tag Challenge - Day 8 (Uncolored Version)!

Alright, alright. Let's just accept that I'll be missing posts sometimes and skip past all this boring apology-stuff! School's started up for me again, so that leaves me pretty busy and tired, and lazy on the weekend, XD! So that may mean some late or, uh... non-existent posts (sorry about last week, I believe I forgot!). My apologies in advance!

But let's just get on with this post!
Now, I WILL say, this art hasn't been colored yet. Why? Well, yes, I have time, but I personally wanted to work on some digital art tonight, as well as rewatch the first Hunger Games first, since I just finished the book! So since I didn't want to spend a bunch of time coloring tonight, I hope it's alright that I give you all the uncolored version! Maybe next week I'll try to add the colored version in as a little bonus, if I get around to finishing it!

Anywho, today, I decided to chose Bandit the raccoon! He wasn't on my original list, but I thought it'd be fun to draw the sneaky little guy, so uh... yeah! XD
Here's his description!

 So, since it seems the little dude's name is fitting, and he likes to sneak away with shiny objects, I figured I'd draw him first grabbing the bag of gems he has on his head in the game! Aaaand it ended up looking like this!

I wouldn't say this is one of my best, tbh - but maybe that's because it's not colored, XD! I do like how his face markings and wings look, though (I didn't know he had wings till I looked today! XD)! I may go back in and fix up his eyes and paw and such, but I don't think it all looks too bad, XD! And that bag was surprisingly much easier to draw than I thought, haha!

Anywho, uh... sorry that this was so short, guys! I really gotta get work on that art, so that I can watch Hunger Games in just a bit! I'll be back with another (hopefully longer and better) post next Saturday, or if not, the Saturday after!
Until then, remember to stay happy, be creative, and keep drawing! ;D

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Lip Drawing+Fun facts about Art+Artist Spotlight #3

You guys: H-E-L-L-O!

It is me again, back with another post for you guys!

I am happy to say that one of the art pieces I was working on in last post is indeed COMPLETE!

Now I guess you will find out which one it is shortly...

Do you think it is either... a) The lip picture or b) The plushie picture

The correct answer is...


Here you have it, the final product:)

I guess that means now, to see how I am progressing with the plushie picture..
*quickly opens AJ in another tab and goes to the art studio. Grabs wacom tablet and plugs into laptop. Starts to draw*

Okay so I drew it for like 5 minutes, and now I don't have the patience so yeah. *sarcastically smiles*

A few days later...

Okay so I actually completely forgot to work on the post today, and I have limited time on the computer so... and I kinda gave up on the plushie drawing for now. *hopes to have it done by October 31?*  So I guess you only have the lip drawing today *grins*

The other day I actually had an idea about posting art fun facts so I guess I will do that today:)

Art Fun facts
1. Everyone is creative

2. Picasso who is a famous artist could draw before he could walk or talk

3. The first pencil was invented in England during the year of 1565

4. Drawing helps develop hand eye cordination and spatial awareness abilities

Information from

Finally, to finish off this post we have the 3rd artist spotlight...
Artist Spotlight #3
This weeks artist spotlight goes to.... 

Click the images to make them bigger! 
One thing that I noticed about this artist is the amount detail that was able to be put into the art pieces. The are all so beautiful and intricate. Though I gotta say my favourite one is indeed the wolf one! The beauty and the beast picture is also very realistic! 
Good job Apologize!
Make sure to check out this jammer's artwork! 

Which art piece shown is your favourite?

Well thats all for today jammers!
See you all in 3 weeks or potientially sooner:)

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

AJ Bloggers Into AJ Graphics #3

YES! 2 MORE BLOGGERS HAVE BEEN FINISHED! And I'm doing this early (and scheduling the post, hopefully it works..) because I will be busy on Tuesday.

~before you check out the bloggers, a quick and shameless ad~

Since this is the Animal Jam ARTISTS Collaborative, you guys probably like art like I do! So I made an art channel on YouTube called Amateur Artists. Click on the name if you'd like to check it out ^-^

~back to the post~

In this post, I made Lost Fairy (Author of the Animal Jam Jumble) and Q (author of the Animal Jam Lake Blog)! They're both great people with great blogs, so GO GO GO CHECK THEM OUT IF YOU HAVEN'T! I doubt you haven't, since they're amazing.
Anyway, it was really hard to find deer graphics that actually looked.. NORMAL. So I took a reindeer one and erased the antlers.


And the same for the previous blogger graphics, they are pngs that you can use in edits and such. Feel free to use them for your blog!

Hope you liked them! PEACE. LOVE. NINJAS~~~

Monday, August 27, 2018

The Panda With a Pearl Earring Part 4: The Finished Product!

Hello Jammers, Arctic here!

I have excellent news! At last, I have completed my masterpiece that I've been working on for the last two months!

Now, if you're not familiar with what is going on- allow me to get you all caught up! For the last two months, I have been working on making a masterpiece and showing you all the progression over the weeks. This masterpiece is a parody of a famous painting called The Girl With a Pearl Earring by Vermeer!

As always: here's the original for reference:

All credit to Vermeer
And here is where we left off last week:

Now let's see what I did this week!

First, I did some significant work with some of the finer details. I softened and cleaned up the look of the ears, as well as fix the shading on the arm (which I wasn't happy with last week) to make it flow better together. I also added some shading to the collar and belt, added the important pearl earring, as well as smoothened the body a bit.

Lastly, and most noticeably, I finally got around to fixing the face! Liza's facial markings, nose, and mouth all have more shading and have been made smoother and cleaner. Finally, I fixed the eyes with an airbrush and the smudge tool to give them more depth and life. The eyes are sort of a hybrid between the AJ style and trying to replicate the feeling of the original piece.

The last thing I did was add texture and some gentle shading to the headpiece (and darkened the ears!). I found that no matter how many times I tried to get the contrast as dark as the original, I never liked how it turned out. So, I decided to leave it a bit lighter!

And here it is, in a frame in my den! I chose the stone frame because I felt like it really helped elevate the feeling of how old this painting should be.

Finally, for those interested: I made a gif image of the progression over these last few weeks so you can all see the piece change before your eyes from start to finish!

Thank you to all of you for your supportive comments and embarking on this journey with me! It was well worth the wait!

Let me know how you felt about this series in the comments! Should I do another progression series in the future? What kind of masterpiece should I make next? If you have any questions about individual steps and how I did them, don't hesitate to ask!

Anywho, that's all for now my friends! See you soon!